Ōnamuchi (オオナムチ Ōnamuchi?) is a Crimson Lord who killed many Flame Haze in the past, including YamabeClemens Rott and Cecilia Rodrigo.


Ōnamuchi takes the form of a giant centipede with hard skin which even the Nietono no Shana has difficulty in piercing through. He also creates a normal centipede-shaped Rinne to scout and gather the Power of Existence for him.




Ancient WarEdit

He was once allied with the Snake of the Festival on his very first ritual to create a paradise for the Crimson Denizens. After the God of Creation was banished by an unexpected attempt of the ancient Flame Haze, Ōnamuchi, along with Illuyanka and the Trinity fought against them and successfully defeated them, killing several Flame Haze in the progress. It is implied that he had fought Tis and Khamsin in this war.



He fights with Yamabe and Clemens many times before killing them but in the end, he was ultimately defeated by Shana.


Clemens Rott and Cecilia RodrigoEdit

At first, Ōnamuchi did not bother to fight the two since they were weak Flame Haze, but throughout many encounters, they showed signs of improvement in fighting him and eventually, Ōnamuchi accepted them as worthy opponents and had been looking forward to fighting them since then.

He also noticed Cecilia's affection toward Clemens and how the pair became inseparable. When Clemens was killed by him, letting Cecilia escaped, Ōnamuchi asked the Flame Haze whether he should pursue Cecilia to kill her or not as he felt bad for the woman to have to be alone from now on.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • (To the dying Clemens): "To only let Cecilia escape, what a cruel thing you do...If you desire, I'll go after her".








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