Name in Japanese 空軍(アエリア)
Rōmaji Translation Kūgun (Aeria)
Debut (Light Novel) Volume X
Appears in Light Novels, Manga
Personal Info
Class Rinne
Creator Merihim
Color of Flame Rainbow-colored

Aeria (空軍(アエリア) Kūgun (Aeria)?, lit. Air Force) are the Rinne of "Rainbow Wings" Merihim.


Aeria appear as reflective pieces of glass that fly through the air. In Eternal Song they were depicted as vertically long, leaf-shaped octahedrals.



The Aeria were a big contributor to the Töten Glocke's air superiority during the height of their power. During the battle for the Nachtigall, they were annihilated by Mathilde Saint-Omer. In the Final Battle at Brocken, Molech reminisces on all of the Töten Glocke strategies that incorporated the Aeria. It was later revealed that Merihim was still having Aeria left which he used it to attack Mathilde by surprise.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Reflection: Merihim uses Aeria to reflect his Rainbow's Heaven Sword at opponents if they evade it. They are a 'part' of him, as he can make them fly in order to take full advantage of his attack.



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