The Ancient War, also referred by the later generations as the war of God-slaying (神殺し Kamigoroshi?, lit. "Deicide"), is a war between the Crimson God of Creation, the Snake of the Festival's faction consisting of his servants and dozens of Crimson Denizen, and the Ancient Flame Haze. It was the God of Creation's first attempt to create a world for Crimson Denizens in human world.


The Cause of WarEdit

In ancient times, about three thousand years ago, a Crimson God known as the Snake of the Festival received many prayers from Crimson Denizens to create a world for them to live in. He woke up from his sleep to answer those prayers by enacting a ritual to build a world of paradise, which was later called the Great Binding Chain (大縛鎖 Daibakusa?), for all Crimson Denizen to live in. He chose a certain place in China to perform the ritual. There were dozens of Crimson Denizen who attended the ritual including Ōnamuchi and Illuyanka. The process required a massive amount of Power of Existence to do so; the Snake of the Festival ordered a human lord to gather humans and priests to perform the "sacred" ritual. This plan caught the attention of the ancient Flame Haze and they started gathering at the ritual ground. The God of Creation, fueled with joy of granting wishes, innocently invited the Flame Haze to watch the ritual too, but he did not realized the counterplan they secretly hid.

During WarEdit

The ancient Flame Haze, including "Weaver of Coffins" TisKhamsin Nbh'w, Nam, NorthAirValac and Takemikazuchi intercepted and disturbed the ritual. They devised a plan to corrupt the process and once and for all banish the Crimson God forever; this method is later called the Eternal Pitfall (久遠の陥穽 Kuon no Kansei?). The created massive distortion backfired upon the body of Snake of the Festival and sealed him inside the rift between two worlds, the Abyss, together with some ancient Flame Haze; Khamsin's best friend, the Singer who Disperses Darkness along with his contracted Crimson Lord and Nam was sent to the Abyss; In Nam's case, only her will was sent to the Abyss, leaving her body behind with the Flame Haze's contract still intact. In that moment, Bel Peol took out her right eye and sent it to her master. After the plan succeeded, the Flame Haze were pushed back and some were killed by the enraged Trinity and fellow Crimson Denizens.

Post WarEdit

This object (Bel Peol's right eye) is later known as the Banner (旗標 Hatajirushi?) which act as the transmitter for the Snake to send his special Unrestricted Spell, Psalm of the Grand Order, to his Priestess and perform the famous "Grand Order" which is the idea of creating an entire copy of this world when the Snake of the Festival was sealed. They continues to receive the Grand Order until it is finished and their master returns for the next instruction. The Trinity later founded the biggest Crimson Denizen organization, Bal Masqué, after the event to ensure the success of their master's plan.


Snake of the Festival's Faction Flame Haze
  • It is not yet revealed if there is one or not.
Primary Goal
To build a small bounded world called the Great Binding Chain (大縛鎖 Daibakusa?) Prevent the Crimson God from creating the Great Binding Chain (大縛鎖 Daibakusa?)


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