Anime Shakugan no Shana II no Subete (アニメ 『灼眼のシャナII』 ノ全テ?, All About Anime Shakugan no Shana II) is a 168-page guide book published on October 19, 2009 by ASCII Media Works. It features illustrations by Noizi Itō and Ayato Sasakura.


The book contains an intro poster, which is an anime illustration of Shana that was originally done by Noizi Itō. It also contains files on Shakugan no Shana characters, including Shana, Yuji Sakai, Kazumi Yoshida, Bal Masqué, Johann, Pheles, Harumi Fujita and Kimiko Nakamura. There is also detailed history on Konoe Fumina.

It features a story guide that navigates through all of the episodes of the second season. It recaps the first season, compares the anime episodes to the original light novels, and introduces the new characters.

New work by Yashichiro Takahashi and Noizi Itō is included as well as the illustrations used as eyecatches in the anime. It also contains the short story, Juggle.

The limited edition of the book also contains a DVD. It contains Shakugan no Shana-tan: Revenge and a special advance movie for the then upcoming Shakugan no Shana S.


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