Name in Japanese逆転印章(アンチ・シール)
Rōmaji TranslationGyakuten Inshō (Anchi Shīru)
Known UsersLamies, Kazumi Yoshida
Technical Details

The Anti-Seal (逆転印章(アンチ・シール) Gyakuten Inshō (Anchi Shīru)?, "Reversal Seal") is a Unrestricted Spell designed by Dantalion to counteract the effects of Tuning upon a Distortion.


In the events leading up to the creation of Xanadu, the Anti-Seal is utilized to undo the Tuning that was done by Khamsin Nbh'w, by using Yoshida Kazumi as a map to find the Tuning markers around Misaki City. The Anti-Seal strengthens the links between the Distortions that were before hidden by the Tuning, and then moves these Distortions away from each other, until the connections between them are lost, and the Distortions essentially disappear, creating voids in their place that allow Power of Existence to be poured through to the Abyss. As Yūji Sakai put it, the result could be described as a "a silk cloth becoming as porous as a net".[1]



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