Aster (星(アステル) Hoshi (Asuteru)?, Japanese and Greek for "Star") is the primary Power of Unrestraint used by Hecate. This spell unleashes a rain of Power of Existence on her enemies, forming a large swarm of energy blasts whose blinding speed and ability to track down and destroy enemies make it a difficult technique to avoid. On impact, it gives off an explosion. The time of the explosion can be controlled at will by the caster. It is triggered at the sound of the Treasure Tool, Trigon, but Hecate has demonstrated that Aster can be used without it.


  • While Aster is the Greek word for star, it could also be a reference to Asteria[1], a Titan goddess from Greek mythology who, according to the poet Hesiod, is the mother of the goddess Hecate.




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