Triumph of the Night
16 03
Name in Japanese莫夜凱
Rōmaji TranslationBakuyagai
Debut (Anime)Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 01
Debut (Light Novel)Volume XVI
Appears InAnime, Light Novels
CreatorsSnake of the Festival
Known UsersYūji Sakai
Technical Details

Bakuyagai (莫夜凱 Bakuyagai?, Triumph of the Night) is an armor owned, and worn by Yūji Sakai at the beginning of the Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 01.


Bakuyagai is a Treasure Tool in a form of armor that is colored in brown clothes and black colored armor platings. Then, it has a scarf that is orange in color around neck to the waist. The yellow broach holds the scarfs together. It seems that the shoulder and base plates of the armor is seemed to be colored in pitch black.


Bakuyagai's ability is unknown throughout the series, however it is suspected that it provides basic protection for the user. It is known that it is kept by Yūji Sakai after the Second Great War, and so, it is presumed that it is not a part of the Snake of the Festival.


  • Bakuya (莫夜 night?) (read as mò yè in Chinese) in the Treasure Tool's name is likely taken from one of the text in I Ching or the Book of Changes, one of the oldest Chinese classic texts; the book is about the divination system known as Geomancy which is still used until today. It is written by Fu Xi, the Chinese's semi-mythological ruler and cultural hero and also one of the three sovereigns in ancient China. In ancient times, "Snake of the Festival" had used the name Fu Xi.


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