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Bal Masque

Bal Masqué's leader with his subordinates

Bal Masqué (仮装舞踏会(バル・マスケ) Kasōbutōkai (Baru Masuke)?, lit., "Masquerade Ball") is, at the present, the largest Crimson Denizen organization. Its base of operations is located in the Seireiden.


It is not yet certain when Bal Masqué was founded, but it is known that it was after the war of the creation of the Great Binding Chain, the Creation God's first attempt to create a paradise on Earth.

During the war their master was exiled into the Abyss, Crimson Denizens from many places were only attending the ritual in order to witness their new paradise; there were only a few who would wholeheartedly fight and die for the God. Those Denizens who were just gathered round could not be compared with their enemies who worked a plan beforehand with better cooperation. A group of Flame Haze suddenly started their operation to strike the God down after the ritual begun using their secret techniques (later known as the Eternal Pitfall). The Trinity were too late to devise a counter-plan, which resulted in their master's exile into the Abyss. The first one who sought to create an organization was Bel Peol; she now understood that a well-organized army is needed to ensure their achievement in the future.

After those events, Bal Masqué began to assemble its forces and obtained their base of operation, the Seireiden, from Gavida in order to cut his tie with the organization. Their search for allies extended into the Great War for their fear that they would be targeted by Flame Haze, who at that time were at war with the forces of Töten Glocke, the leading force of the Crimson Realm at that period. All in all, their presence was small in the Great War.

Their activity, however, began to act in the present time upon their discovery of the Reiji Maigo's whereabouts.


The Bal Masqué is led by three Crimson Denizens called the "Trinity" (三柱臣(トリニティ) Sanchūshin (Toriniti)?, lit., "Retainer of Three Pillars"): Hecate, Sydonay and Bel Peol. Each of the three possess different duties, with Bel Peol acting as the tactician and organizer of their missions, Sydonay leading in more aggressive campaigns against the Flame Haze, and Hecate becoming a sort of a "link" with the Snake of the Festival and the Bal Masque's "strongest weapon". An organization that support Denizens, like Outlaw does to Flame Haze.

Below this, affiliates of Bal Masqué are segregated into four classes:

  • Waches (禁衛員 (ヴァッフェ) Kin'eiin (Vaffe)?, lit., "Imperial Guards") - Guards who protect Seireiden from intruders.
  • Jaegers (捜索猟兵 (イエーガー) Sousakuryohei (Iēgā)?, lit., "Search and Hunting Troops") - Scouts. They are usually accompanied with a Wanderer and act as their lookouts for certain missions.
  • Wanderers (巡回士 (ヴァンデラー) Junkaishi (Vanderā)?, lit., "Patrollers") - Warriors who fight for the cause. They usually move alongside a Jaeger in missions.
  • Herolds (布告官 (ヘロルト) Fukokukan (Heroruto)?, lit., "Ordinance Officials") - The non-combatant members of Bal Masqué. Their overall duty is sending information from one place to another.

Known MembersEdit



Bal Masque's Ruler & Subjects

The TrinityEdit



  • Fecor (Bel Peol's right-hand man, Seireiden Defense Commander; deceased)
  • Purson (deceased)
  • Vual (deceased)




  • Orgon (deceased)
  • Bifrons (deceased)
  • Ribesal (Commander of Eastern Outlaw Demolition Army)
  • Orobas (Commander of Outlaw Demolition army in Greece)
  • Mammon (Commander of Outlaw Demolition army in Egypt; deceased)
  • Barma
  • Paimon (deceased)

Members of unclarified ranksEdit




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