Album being
Composition KOTOKO
Arrangement Kazuya Takase
Release Date March 23, 2006
Type Opening Theme
First Episode Shakugan no Shana Episode 17
Last Episode Shakugan no Shana Episode 24

being is the second opening theme song of the anime series Shakugan no Shana. The song is composed, written and performed by KOTOKO and was arranged by Kazuya Takase. It is KOTOKO's 5th single. It peaked at #4 in the Oricon charts and sold a total of 34,736 copies. "being" was initially released as a single on March 23, 2006 and later released in KOTOKO's album Uzu-Maki. The song was used as the opening theme for episodes 17-24 of the first season.

Track listEdit

  1. being
  2. Sekka no Shinwa (雪華の神話 Myth of the Snow Flower?)
  3. being (Instrumental)
  4. Sekka no Shinwa (Instrumental) (雪華の神話 Myth of the Snow Flower?)


HD Shakugan No Shana Creditless Opening 201:32

HD Shakugan No Shana Creditless Opening 2

The characters that appear in this opening theme, in order, are:


Kanji Rōmaji Translation
高鳴る鼓動 触れあう現世(いま)選んで

進め 時の果てへ

Takanaru kodou fureau ima erande

susume toki no hate e

Choose the present moment when our hearts throb faster and we touch each other

Go forward towards the end of time



Potsuri kokuu no yo ni tsubuyaita

"mata, ashita ne" tte kotoba
moe meguri terasu taiyou no you na
tsuyosa to eien ni kogareta

I murmured in the night of one empty sky after another

The words which said "See you tomorrow"
They are like the sun which shines and illuminates the surroundings
I'm scorched by its strength and eternity


存在を抱いた この瞬間の笑顔を
ただひとつ守るべきは 君の未来

Tatta hitotsu nokoseru nara

sonzai wo daita kono shunkan no egao
tada hitotsu mamoru beki wa kimi no mira

If there is one thing to be left behind

It would be this instantaneous smile which held on to existence
If there is only one thing to be protected, it would be your future

刹那 揺れて軋むこの世を選んで

芽生え始めた炎 胸に秘め
今世(いま)を 来世(あす)を 君へ

Setsuna yurete kishimu kono yo wo erande

zutto unmei no chi wo kakeru
mebae hajimeta honoo mune ni hime
ima wo asu wo kimi e

In an instant, choose this world which shakes and tremors

I've always soared above the land of fate
I'm secretly hiding the flame which has lit in my heart
I will give my present and future to you



Hosometa me no saki ni ukan da

hateshinaku hirogaru sora
tsubasa mitsuketa kimi no senaka ga
tooza katteku maboroshi wo mita

Your narrowed eyes came into my mind first

The endlessly spreading sky I saw the illusion of you who have found wings on your back
Going far off into the distance



Sokkenaku yosoou tabi

nibui oto de tsubusareteku nanika
sorezore ni tomo shita iro

Every time you dressed up coldly

Something is being crushed by a thick sound Be sure to come across
Every lit up color


確かめあった強さ 時間(とき)に変え
空を 海を 越える

Kakegae no nai kimi to no ima erande

zutto yoru ni niji wo kakeru
tashikame atta tsuyosa toki ni kae
sora wo umi wo koeru

I will choose you and the present in which both cannot be replaced

You've always worn a rainbow at night
The strength which is certainly there will change into time
I will cross the sky and sea

高鳴る鼓動 触れあう現世(いま)選んで
いつか消え行く炎 願いに変え
夢を 来世(あす)を 君へ…
空を 海を 越えて…

Takanaru kodou fureau ima erande

kitto unmei no ri ni ikiru
itsuka kie yuku honoo negai ni kae
yume wo asu wo kimi e
sora wo umi wo koete

Choose the present moment when our hearts throb faster and we touch each other

I'm sure we can live for fate
Someday, the disappearing flame will change into wishes
I will give my dreams and future to you...
I will cross the sky and sea...


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