Billy Hawken
Name in Japanese ビリー・ホーキン
Rōmaji Translation Birii Hookin
Debut (Light Novel) Volume SIII
Appears in Light Novels
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 14
Class Human
Status Deceased

Billy Hawken (ビリー・ホーキン?) is a human who lived during the Flame Haze's Civil War. His village was destroyed by a group of Native Americans led by Norman Purcell. He later on met with Friagne who helped him (in order to use his hatred toward Flame Haze to create a Treasure Tool for himself) get his revenge.


Billy is a young boy with dark hair and dark pupils wearing a wide-brimmed hat. He also has loosely wrapped bandages over his right eye, which was damaged from the village attack.




Billy lived in the village of settlers and was a good friend with everyone.


His village was attacked, crushed, and burned up by a troop of Native Americans called Paducah, led by a Flame Haze, Norman Purcell. The troop slaughtered everyone in the village but Billy survived by hiding. He heard the enemies' chant-like word "Flame Haze", which he carved into his heart as he thought it was the name of his enemies' leader.

After wandering and collapsing in the field, Billy was saved by Friagne, who travelled on a caravan with his Rinne, including Marianne. The Crimson Lord was searching for a human with a grudge against Flame Haze in order to create a perfect Treasure Tool to battle his nemesis. With the intelligence from Coyote of the Jewel Clan, Friagne's old friend, they were able to determine the identity of the Paducah and plan for an ambush. They succeeded in annihilating the troop, but Norman Purcell fought and managed to severely injured Friagne and Billy, whom the Flame Haze cut off his limbs. On the verge of death, Billy and Friagne's desires overlapped and the revolver-shaped Treasure Tool was created. Friagne used the gun to kill Norman with a single shot. Billy was satisfied and named the Treasure Tool "Trigger Happy" before he succumbed to the wounds.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit





  • His name may be a reference to American gunman and frontier outlaw William H. Bonney, who is widely known as Billy the Kid.
  • His surname probably came from Jacob and Samuel Hawken, American gunsmiths and traders who designed the popular muzzle loading "plains rifle". Later, it becomes known as the Hawken rifle.



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