Name in Japanese吸血鬼(ブルートザオガー)
Rōmaji TranslationKyūketsuki (Burūtozaogā)
Debut (Anime)Shakugan no Shana Episode 11
Appears InAnime, Novel, Manga
Known UsersSorath ,Shana, Yuji Sakai
Technical Details
Related Treasure ToolsBookmark, Yogasa

Blutsauger (吸血鬼(ブルートザオガー) Kyūketsuki (Burūtozaogā)?, Japanese for "Vampire", German for "Blood-sucker") is a Treasure Tool in the form of a large broadsword. It is previously owned by "One-Indulged-in-Love-for-Self" Sorath and is currently in the possession of the Mystes Yuji Sakai.


Blutsauger is a Treasure Tool in the form of a large broadsword with carvings on it. The carvings will light up blue when Power of Existence is channeled through it.


This Treasure Tool is inherently very heavy to the point that dropping it flat on the ground would leave a slight indentation on the ground. Only those who can properly control Power of Existence like Flame Haze and in a special case, Yuji, can handle the Blutsauger with ease. Upon feeding the sword with Power of Existence, it becomes lighter, and as Margery Daw demonstrates, can be held with one hand only.

Blutsauger's ability is to inflict wounds to anything it touches. Shana once experienced being hit by the effect of Blutsauger by Sorath in one battle, which almost cost her the Nietono no Shana. After Shana takes the sword from Sorath, who she defeated with the help of Yuji, she stores it inside the Yogasa, and later gives it to Margery to compress into a portable bookmark, which is then received by Yuji. Upon later events, Yuji is the one who constantly uses Blutsauger as a weapon even when he was later contracted with the Snake of the Festival.


Blutsauger's main purpose is simply as a melee weapon. However it has a special ability where, when the user channels Power of Existence through it, will cause the enemy to instantly acquire multiple cuts. The sword seems to have to meet physically to the opponent, such as a sword parry, in order for this effect to take place.


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