Bridle of Wilderness
Name in Japanese 曠野の手綱
Rōmaji Translation Kōya no Tazuna
Debut (Light Novel) Short Story Juggle (mentioned)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Class Crimson Lord
True Name"Bridle of Wilderness"
Contracted to Nam
Contractor's Title "Rider of Jade Crest"
Affiliation/s Flame Haze
Outlaw (Guyaku)
Color of Flame Bright green
Status Active

"Bridle of Wilderness" (曠野の手綱 Kōya no Tazuna?) is the Crimson Lord who is bound to Nam. Deviating from other Crimson Denizens, she does not use any alias during her stay in the Human World and never named her bridle-shaped Vessel.[1] Thus she is only referred to by her true name. She is referred to by Khamsin as Dragon Horse that runs like wind (風巻き奔る龍馬 Shimakibashiru Ryūma?).








"Bridle of Wilderness" was one of the first Crimson Lords to make a contract with a human. Nam, her contractor, participated in the Ancient War, the war against the Snake of the Festival. Nam was killed by Illuyanka at the climax of the battle when the Creation God was being dragged into the Abyss, resulting from the Eternal Pitfall. Nam was also affected by the spell; her consciousness was separated from her body and "Bridle of Wilderness" who resided within. Miraculously, the contract between a contractor and Crimson Lord was still retained. As her contractor is considered "dead" from being sealed in the Abyss, "Bridle of Wilderness" resumed controlling her lifeless contractor's body via the bridle-shaped Vessel like a puppet.[1] She later became the director of Guyaku, an Outlaw branch in Central China. Prior to the main story's beginning, Guyaku was annihilated, along with Nam (or "Bridle of Wilderness" in truth), by Sabrac who wanted to use the place to lure Pheles, Johann and Wilhelmina Carmel into his trap.



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  • Prior to the release of Shakugan no Shana no Subete Kan guidebook, it is led to believe that Nam was alive and well during the Juggle side story and her contracted Crimson Lord never speaks a word to anyone. However, it is revealed in the guidebook that it was actually her contracted Crimson Lord who controlled and posed as her contractor all along.[1]





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