Brothers of the Maccabee (マカベアの兄弟 Makabea no kyōdai?) is the group of Crimson Denizens in Xanadu that appeared in the short story Hope from Volume SIII.


They are a crowd of newcomer Denizens that arrived after Xanadu was created. They have believed the fallacious messages of Shaher that they must kill humans.


Their belief aside, they resemble Révolution - members don't have specific headquarters and also refer to each other as "Brother". Some of them hold a priest-like position, called "Prince".

Known MembersEdit

  • "Subterranean Lurker" (潜逵の衝鋒 Senki no Shōhō?) Dainn (One of the Princes)
  • "Devastating Frenzy Hammer" (紊鎚毀 Bintsuiki?) Charun (One of the Princes)


  • The name of this organization comes from the Maccabees, a historical Jewish rebel army.
  • Both known members of the Brothers of the Maccabee appear to have names related to death. Dáinn seems to mean "death" in Icelandic, while Charun is the name of a figure from the Etruscan underworld.


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