The Chaotic Period (混乱期 Konranki?) is the term for many conflicts occured in Xanadu, the newly created world by the God of Creation, ever since its creation.


As the name suggests, Xanadu is under a chaotic times mainly caused from young Crimson Denizens referred as the Newcomers (新来 Shinrai?) who come from Crimson Realm. These Denizens wreak havoc, devour or kill humans even though the Power of Existence is not needed to be taken from them anymore. Some of them like Brothers of the Maccabee have twisted belief to kill as many humans as they can, believing it to be the God of Guidance's Oracle. The battles between Flame Haze and these Newcomers become inevitable. However, most Denizens who come from the old human world or the Oldtimers (古参 Kosan?) assist their previous nemesis, forming an alliance which effectively helps them to suppress the Newcomers.

On the other hand, human members of Outlaw who were duplicated to Xanadu apparently retain no memories of anything related to the Crimson Realm, resulting them falling into chaos. Later on, Outlaw is reorganized by Flame Haze from the old world and the Orderists (秩序派 Chitsujo-ha?), a group of Crimson Lords who once lost their contractors and now materializes themselves without using human shells.

Some individuals who believe that Humans and Crimson Denizens could coexist in this world continues their long journey to accomplish it; these people include Yūji Sakai and Doog, the survived member of Révolution.


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