The Flame Haze's Civil War (内乱 Nairan?) is a war between Flame Haze, pitting The Four Gods of Earth against the other Flame Haze. The Civil War broke out in 1863 and lasted for decades until The Four Gods of Earth agreed to stop.


The Cause of WarEdit

Earlier during the arrival of white people from Europe, The Four Gods witnessed the changes brought by the invaders to their kin; the four watched silently as Native Americans were captured and slaughtered by the outsiders as they took their land, gold, and lives. The newcomers also brought sicknesses from Europe, resulting in the massive deaths of the populations. Children born from Americans and Native people were also segregated from the society and worked as laborers. The Four Gods of Earth, who painfully watched the situation for centuries, went to seek the guidance of their teacher, the dying Heart of Sky. In the cave where they once trained themselves to fit the duty of protecting the Earth, their teacher left them the last guidance: to look and determine their decisions by themselves. After their teacher's death, a certain event occured: a girl was killed by the American soldiers while praying for a god to save her and people from their fate. The Four Gods took the event as a sign and wiped out those American soldiers in an instant. Thus they started the war which they dubbed as "The Path of Tears", referring to the upcoming death and loss from this war.

In the 19th century, The Four Gods of Earth and their comrades (both Flame Haze and humans) had plotted to destroy the US government in order to liberate their fellow Natives. This plan of theirs caused many other Flame Haze to stand up against them, which lead to a civil war between those Flame Haze and The Four Gods of Earth. The Four Gods of Earth's army was generally called the West Army (西軍 Seigun?), while the Outlaw's army was called the East Army (東軍 Tōgun?). There were also conflicts between Bal Masqué and The Four Gods, resulting in Ribesal and Pirsoyn's confrontation with them.

The End of the WarEdit

This war allowed the Crimson Denizens to consume Power of Existence and distort the world as they pleased while Flame Haze were occupied in North America. Also, the casualties, both Flame Haze and humans, highly increased as the war went on. The Four Gods of Earth understood the situation, stopped their fights, and ended the war. A Tuner named Khamsin Nbh'w came to them and suggested that they become keepers of the four Outlaw posts in four major cities of North and South America. In the end, they become the keepers of those Outlaw branches in North and South America.



The Four Gods of Earth

Outlaw's Flame Haze
Primary Goal
To destroy the US Government and liberate their fellow Native Americans To stop The Four Gods of Earth



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