Claude Taylor (クロード・テイラー Kurōdo Teirā?) is a Flame Haze with the title "Ripper of Sky" (空裏の裂き手 Kūri no Sakite?) and is bound to "Armament of Beak and Spurs" Caim. He is one of the few Flame Haze with very strong power despite coming from an ordinary household. As Flame Haze, he is considered one of the best midair fighters, even matching Pheles when she used Inverna. He later became member of a Crimson Denizen and human organization, Révolution. Claude is also known as the first and only Flame Haze in the story who deviates from the Flame Haze's missions and sides with a Denizens' organization.


His appearance is of a robust middle-aged man wearing a hiplength coat (which is a part of Caim's power called "Sack Coat") and a bowler hat.




Mediocre Life CollapsesEdit

Claude Taylor was once an ordinary and healthy peasant, who married a woman and had a son. He is also a respectable man who loved and only wanted to be with his own family forever.

But his dream was destroyed by the intrusion of a certain Crimson Lord while he was attending his son's wedding ceremony. His son and the bride were devoured in front of his eyes. Claude furiously made a contract with Caim, trading his existence to avenge for his son and became a Flame Haze.

Claude later participated the Flame Haze's Civil War on Outlaw's side, fighting against the Four Gods of Earth.

Turning Back and BetrayalEdit

Claude, with the Engaged Link (Pheles and Johann)'s assistance, finally got his revenge by killing the Crimson Lord that ruined his life in only few years. During this time he is entrusted with the Giralda from the pair.

Unlike other Flame Haze, he is not fully bound to the mission to protect the balance and hunt Crimson Denizens. He suddenly turns back and deviates from the path, returning to his family who already forgot him. But with his devotion, he finally earn the family's trust and intimate friendship. Soon he suddenly realized that his wife starts falling in love with him but as another man, because of the lost about his former identity as her husband. He runs away from the family, leaving Giralda behind, and eventually joining the Révolution in order to escape from his past.

Arriving at HawaiiEdit

Together with Sarachael and Doog, members of the Révolution, they come to Hawaii and initiate a certain plan with help from a bizarre scientist. With a human double agent named Harry's help, in 1895, they successfully destroy Hawaii's Outlaw post as Harry sabotages the Tessera, revealing the Outlaw's location. Unable to save Harry from being slaughtered by one of the Flame Haze who survived the invasion, Claude killed his fellow just in time before Harriet, Harry's sister, is killed. She later joined the Révolution to carry on her brother's ideal.


The Battle and Final FateEdit

In 1901, Claude is sent to ambush the arriving Flame Haze pair of Seere Habichtsburg and Chiara Toscana, who have come to help the reconstruction of the destroyed Hawaii branch Outlaw. Seere, knowing about his betrayal beforehand, are at disadvantage but the ambush is thwarted by the arrival of Pheles and Johann.

Claude fights with Pheles and Chiara while the Révolution's plan is initiating; Sarachael's plan is to use a certain Treasure Tool (formerly one of Dantalion's inventions) renamed "Obelisk" as a transmitter to reveal the existence of the Crimson Realm to mankind. His plan is finally stopped and he is killed, with Doog running away carrying his will.

The Engaged Link confronts him and tells him about his wife, who used Giralda to call them and ask them to send the message to him before she vanished using the Treasure Tool. After hearing that, Claude called off the contract with Caim and perished.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Sack Coat (サックコート Sakkukōto?) : One of Caim's power in the form of coat like Shana's Yogasa but shorter. Usually brown in color, when activated, Sack Coat shines a sky-blue light. It has many abilities; creating pair of wings for flight that easily block blasts, shooting explosive feathers from wings, changing his hands or legs into talons or beaks when cladded with the coat. With these formidable abilities, Claude's midair combat capability is renowned.




  • Sack Coat is probably a pun to his Flame Haze title, Ripper (裂き手 saki te?). Spelled in Japanese as Sakku kooto (サックコート?), the "Sakku" part is similar to the verb Saku (裂く to rip, to tear?) that forms his title.
  • Strangely enough, Caim didn't call off the contract with his Flame Haze (he could have done so at any time), when Claude deviated himself from the Flame Haze's missions and joined a Crimson Denizen's organization.






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