The Colored Silhouettes (色付く影 Iroduku Kage?), or The Birds, yet not the Birds (鳥ならぬ鳥 Tori-naranu Tori?) depending on the shape they take, are entities residing in the Abyss ever since the battle to banish the God of Creation. They maintained their consciousnesses and protect the Abyss for several millennia until their sworn enemy succeeded in acquiring a substitute and went back to reclaim his real body.


As their name suggested, they usually take shadowy humanoid form with distinctive color. Sometimes, they takes a form of bird which they use to travel inside the Abyss.


They seem to lose their appearance as an individual and only fixate to prevent the Snake of the Festival from going back to human world.

Still, before sending them back to human world, they are seen pushing Shana's group in the back, a gesture of entrusting them to carry out their mission to protect the balance. One of them is also seen making a farewell gesture to Khamsin, who eventually realize and recognize him as his long-dead, old friend, The Singer who disperses Darkness.[1][2]


These silhouettes are actually Flame Haze who had participated in the Ancient War. As their enemy is the Crimson God, ancient Flame Haze devised a secret technique called Eternal Pitfall to be able to stop his ambition. But in order to succeed, a handful of Flame Haze was to cast binding spells on the God of Creation, immobilizing him, and risk themselves to be condemned into the Abyss. It was said that many Flame Haze were caught into the Abyss and they become shadow of their past selves, losing their own appearance as time goes by. They also know the Abyss thoroughly as they can lead a way without being lost.


The God of Creation, who merges himself with Yūji Sakai, creates the Divine Gate in a certain plain in Central China, where he was once defeated in the past. He, his Servants and other followers go to the Abyss, where the God of Creation's true body is sealed. They use the ephemeral Path of Pilgrimage to reach the Altar. The Colored Silhouettes try to intervene but are easily driven back by their enemies' overwhelming power. Some of them, in the form of birds, assist Shana's group and are seen sending them back to the gate when they fail to stop the Crimson God of Creation's awakening.

Identified SilhouettesEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Silhouette are mostly armed with ancient weapons like swords and polearms.








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