Name in Japanese コヨーテ
Rōmaji Translation Koyōte
Debut (Light Novel) Volume SIII (appearance)
Appears in Light Novels
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class Crimson Lord
True Name"Myriad Leaves of Bejeweled Tree"
Affiliation/s Jewel Gang
Color of Flame Nile blue

Coyote (コヨーテ Koyōte?) is a Crimson Lord and the head of the Jewel Gang. His true name is "Myriad Leaves of Bejeweled Tree" (“瓊樹の万葉” Keiju no Manyō?). He once terribly caused disturbance in the human world; up to the same level as the Snake of the Festival, Asiz, and Dantalion.


Coyote takes a form of an attractive man in his thirties. He is tall, thin and has broad shoulders, wearing a dusty hooded overcoat. On his wrists are a pair of metal rings with bunches of keys.


He views life as an adventure, getting himself and his gang in many incidents and sometimes inadvertently causing great disturbance in the balance between both worlds. Flame Haze and humans blacklist him as one of the most dangerous Crimson Denizens due to his uttermost joy in his "adventures".


During the Civil War, he meets up with an old acquaintance, Friagne, through the Treasure Tool known as Golden Banner and Tokens (金旌符 Kinseifu?). He supports Friagne and Billy Hawken with information about the war's situation and takes care of his friend's Rinne during the battle with Norman Purcell, who previously led his troops of Native Americans to attack Billy's village. After Friagne comes back with his newly created Treasure Tool, he gives Coyote a Tessera he promised for the information he gave.


It is unknown whether or not Coyote and his gang are still active in modern times.



Coyote has been an acquaintance of Friagne for 280 years at the time of 1864.


Coyote's mention of Holmès indicates that he has encountered the Flame Haze in the past.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit





  • Coyote, like the other members of the Jewel Gang, is named after a trickster from folklore. Coyote is a trickster figure who features in many Native American myths.
  • Coyote and his gang of four people are written as a homage to Monkey Punch's popular Lupin III series; Coyote is a reference to Arsène Lupin III, the main character of the series.





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