Cradle Garden
Name in Japanese揺りかごの園(クレイドル・ガーデン)
Rōmaji TranslationYurikago no Sono (Kureidoru Gāden)
Debut (Anime)Shakugan no Shana Episode 11
Appears InAnime
Known UsersTiriel
Technical Details
Triggered by Treasure ToolsOrgel

Cradle Garden (揺りかごの園(クレイドル・ガーデン) Yurikago no Sono (Kureidoru Gāden)?) is a Unrestricted Spell that is used together with the Treasure Tool Orgel which alters a Fūzetsu so that its area becomes an advantage to the siblings.


It is a golden yellow Fūzetsu that manifests the flame colour of the Aizen siblings (Tiriel and Sorath).


It is often used by the Aizen siblings for their selfish ambition, getting the Nietono no Shana from Shana and getting the Power of Existence from humans. It produces a vessel for the siblings to move about in it, that is green and is tentacle-like and also grabbing items they want.


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