Name in Japanese秘匿の聖室(クリュプタ)
Rōmaji TranslationHitoku no Seishitsu (Kuryuputa)
Technical Details
Triggered by Treasure ToolsStar of Darkness Castle

Heaven's-Road Palace

The Crypta (秘匿の聖室(クリュプタ) Hitoku no Seishitsu (Kuryuputa)?, "Sacred Room of Concealment") is an Unrestricted Spell that is used to conceal the presence of the Star of Darkness Castle, and the Palace of Heaven's Road to the outside world. A dark starry sky will always be shown inside the Star of Darkness Castle, while in the Palace of Heaven's Road's case, a brightly shining sun is always shown.


This spell is also responsible for maintaining the atmosphere within the Treasure Tools while it is active, and it can also be used to provide them with basic necessities such as water, and electricity.

However, certain events can reveal the presence of these Treasure Tools, or those within, when the Snake of the Festival creates the Divine Gate the dimensional disturbance gives away the location of the Star of Darkness Castle.

And Hecate had to use the Trivia to further strengthen the presence concealment on herself when communicating with the Snake of the Festival while he was trapped in the Abyss.


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