Crystallization of Self-Research (我学の結晶 Gagaku no Kesshō?) refers to a number of Dantalion's creations made through his research. While looking like the same thing, they are not considered Treasure Tools. As other Treasure Tools were created from human and Crimson Denizen's overlapped desires, these creations were made alone by Dantalion from his "materials".

After Dantalion's demise, all of his creations also stop functioning, while common Treasure Tools are not affected by their creators' death. His completed creations usually have designate name as "excellent" while his failed creations are designated as "experiment".

List of Crystallization of Self-Research Edit

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 28 - Cantate DominoEdit

see full article: Domino

One of Dantalion's earliest Crystallization of Self-Research ever created. He is his master's assistant and also considered a Rinne.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 4122 - Wise Man's EyeEdit

Dantalion's creation built inside the Coffer of Evening Party. It has the power of distant observation and Power of Unrestraint's manipulation from afar.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 7930 - A-un MessengerEdit

A set of Dantalion's communication and transportation tools along with A Messenger and Un Messenger. It takes shape of a manhole lid. When in danger, users could teleport themselves from other Messengers to A-un Messenger's location.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 7931 - A MessengerEdit

A manhole lid-shaped Crystallization of Self-Research held by Dantalion. It allows communication with Domino's Un Messenger via hologram-like projection.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 7932 - Un MessengerEdit

A manhole lid-shaped Crystallization of Self-Research held by Domino. It allows communication with Dantalion's A Messenger via hologram-like projection.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 11450 - Spoon of Geological DisasterEdit

A shovel-shaped creation of unknown ability thrown at Sabrac by Dantalion when the former was being sarcastic.

Crystallization of Self-Research Experiment 13261 - Combination Invincible SuperhumanEdit

see full article: Seere Habichtsburg

Dantalion's creation(s) in order to study the system of Flame Haze's contract. From these experiments, he artificially creates many Flame Haze, killing both humans and Crimson Denizens in the progress. Crimson Denizens also loathe him for creating more of their nemeses. However, most of these Flame Haze are now killed from the misuse of Power of Unrestraint, inexperience or commit suicide from mental breakdown. Seere is one of the surviving artificial Flame Haze in the present.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 13274 - Tyrant I/ Tyrant IIEdit

see full article: The Silver

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 27071 - Wedge of Rupture (renamed as "Obelisk")Edit

see full article: Obelisk

Dantalion's creation which takes six years in building along with Sarachael for Révolution. It resembles a rocket-shaped radio tower. Its unique power is to convert a Power of Unrestraint into magnatic wave-like transmission. The transmission could be sent throughout the world, regardless of any communication devices. When the Power of Unrestraint wave is received, Sarachael's figure and voice could be perceived through the devices.

Sarachael intends to use the creation to expose Crimson Denizen's existence to humans. However, the plan was thwarted by Flame Haze and the Obelisk is destroyed in the process.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 29004 - Caterpillar BombEdit

Dantalion's trap inside the Coffer of Evening Party. About 500 caterpillars is released to attack invader inside the train. While most Flame Haze probably are not scared by insects, they works effectively on some female Flame Haze; Shana unfortunately become the Caterpillar Bomb's victim. She both screams and crys loudly when she get cornered by them, resulting in blowing off parts of the train afterward.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 29147 - Illusive BirdEdit

Bird-shaped Papier-mâché built by Dantalion to thwart Flame Haze from intervening his research on Misaki City's distortion during the Misago Festival. They looks like Ospreys, the city's symbol.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 29182 - Coffer of Evening PartyEdit

One of Dantalion's creation in the shape of a train with acute angle head, resembling a battering ram. Inside the train, there are several creations such as Wise Man's Eye, A Messenger and Caterpillar Bomb installed within. It also possess stabilizing fins for flying purpose and a mechanism to convert an imprisoned Flame Haze's Power of Existence as fuel for propulsion. The train itself is the final instrument for Dantalion's research about Anti-Seal he activates during Misaki City's first Tuning by Khamsin. However, the train is destroyed by Shana with Khamsin's assistance.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 252546 - Backpack of Dogmatic TreatisesEdit

One of Dantalion's creation for recording, measuring and collating the phenomena he interests. It takes shape of a backpack with antenna and many switches.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 252570 - Shrine of Ruling CelebrationEdit

see full article: Saishuku no Shadan

Built from Seireiden's structure to support the Snake of the Festival for Xanadu's creation.

Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 252580 - Spherical Domain of Brandishing Fists/ Great Spheres of VaporizationEdit

see full article: Kiken no Kentō and Kisan no Taiken

Mechanism installed on Iron Giant's fists. It is actually the miniscule Anti-Seal which create powerful distortion. When activates, and invisible swirl occurs around the Giant's fist, allowing it to forcefully transport everything it touches into the Abyss.

Unknown Designation - Silver Sand CorridorEdit

see full article: Trivia

Unknown Designation - ConloquiumEdit

The mechanism inside Seireiden which look like a big tree that hold Tyrant II in place.

Unknown Designation - Dragon TailEdit

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