Dan Rogers (ダン・ロジャース Dan Rojāsu?) is a Flame Haze with the title "Setter of Embodiment" (具象の組み手 Gushō no Kumite?). He is contracted to a female Crimson Lord, "Tampering Strike" Fifinella.


Dan is a man of American descent in his thirties wearing white shirt with sleeves rolled up, loose necktie and worn out trousers. He carries a fountain pen-shaped Vessel in his shirt pocket.




Dan was once a operative in Outlaw and an acquaintance of Dorel Kubelík, whom he greatly respected. He is considered a young Flame Haze since he has been in contract for less than a hundred years.


He was assigned in the Outlaw headquarters in Romania, Andrei fortress as adjutant to Hildegard. He also mentioned that he also fought to avenge Dorel's death.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has a unique unrestricted spell called "Press Kit", which is a highly defensive spell that bounces back or reflects the enemies' attacks. The setback, however, is that it can only be placed at a particular area, e.g building sides etc.




  • Dan makes a short appearance in Shakugan no Shana Final episode 08 and 13 but doesn't speak.






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