Desktop Mascot Shakugan no Shana
Desktop Mascot Shakugan no Shana
Developer Noise Factory
Publisher Noise Factory
Platform PC
Genre Desktop Mascot
Mode Single-player

Desktop Mascot Shakugan no Shana (デスクトップマスコット 灼眼のシャナ Desukutoppu Masukotto Shakugan no Shana?) is a PC software game devolved and published by Noise Factory. Two versions were made available, for Windows XP and Windows 2000 respectively.


DM Shana in-game

Shana in-game

see full article: Desktop Mascot Shakugan no Shana/Mascot Speech

The user can customize 3D mascots of Shana, Wilhelmina, Margery, Hecate and Kazumi by changing their clothes, hairstyle and accessories and also make them Super deformed. The mascots also have voice characterization.



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