Domino (ドミノ Domino?) is a robotic Rinne that was created by Dantalion. Its official name is Crystallization of Self-Research Excellent 28 "Cantate Domino" (我学の結晶エクセレント28 カンターテ・ドミノ Gagaku no Kesshō Ekuserento 28 Kantāte Domino?).


Domino is a Rinne in the shape of a comical robot; its head is made of a coil spring with a wind-up key, and its eyes are made of two gears. There is the number "28" in the middle of its round body.


Domino is very emotional and talkative for a Rinne. Although it is the infamous "Professor" Dantalion's Rinne, Domino basically shows its deference towards Crimson Denizens and behaves politely.







Domino respects its creator very much, referring to him as "the great super-genius, the pursuer of truth, the unparalleled inventor, the practicing philosopher, the diligently hardworking person at all times, the master hand of architecture, the Crimson Lord who is a bit skilled at cooking and sewing, and the unprecedented intelligentsia with an unshakeable glance behind his awesome spectacles".[2]

Domino is moved to anger when someone offers an affront to Dantalion or his inventions. Nevertheless, it often carelessly makes reference to Dantalion's mistakes or inconsistencies, which always results in Domino's cheek being pinched.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Domino is an Autonomous Type Rinne, meaning it can think for itself and act independently from Dantalion.




  • Domino is a parody of Tetsujin 28.
  • Cantate Domino is a latin phrase meaning "Sing to the Lord".
  • Tabitha St. Germain, the Geneon english voice actor for Domino, also does the voice of Shana.
  • Barry Yandell, the FUNimation english voice actor for Domino in season 2, also does the voice of Dantalion.
  • Tia Ballard, the FUNimation english voice actor for Domino is season 3, also does the voices of Marianne, Kimiko Nakamura, and Chalciuhtlicue.
  • In Shakugan no Shana X: Eternal Song, Domino is seen in its old design; instead of coil spring, Domino's head is plate armor helmet. Also its number is XXVIII.[3]





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