Name in Japanese ドナート
Rōmaji Translation Donāto
Debut (Light Novel) Volume II
Volume X (named)
Appears in Light Novels, Manga
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class Human
Status Deceased

Donato (ドナート Donāto?) is an Italian human painter that Leanan-sidhe fell in love with. He was also friends with the Crimson Lord Gavida. After his death, Leanan-sidhe, using the name Lamies, journeys around the world for hundreds of years in hope to collect enough Power of Existence to restore his painting of her that had been long lost during their parting.




Donato is a religious and hard-working man with curiosity in new things: he is seen captivating with Leanan-sidhe's Power of Unrestraint he perceives them as magic. He also teaches her about religion, the concept she does not understand at first. Gavida, who is his close friend, calls him posthumously as the "pure-hearted geezer."


Donato is from the Duchy of Urbino, a sovereign state of present-day Italy. He works as a painter, although Leanan-sidhe comments that his skill is bad.

During his youth, he accidentally meets Leanan-sidhe flying in a certain rural area. She shows him Power of Unrestraint which he greatly fascinated with, asking whether she is a magician or not. Later, they fall in love with each other. But Donato eventually finds out about Leanan-sidhe's secret about Power of Existence she has to use to maintain herself in human world, by devouring people. She flees from her enraged and sorrowful lover; she never return to him again in his lifetime, due to her being captive inside a Treasure Tool known as Nachtigall by a certain Crimson Lord.[1]

Donato, who never forget his feeling for her, starts to draw a painting of his lover as he had promised, hoping to show it to her someday. On his deathbed, he entrusts his words about the painting for Gavida to send them to her. Gavida later entrusts them to a certain Flame Haze who successfully reaches Leanan-sidhe, who at that time is being used by Asiz for his scheme). Knowing about Donato's painting of herself, Leanan-sidhe breaks free from her cage and flies back to Donato's place, only to find out that he is dead from old age.

The painting is lost during 1527's Sack of Rome before she could obtain it. Leanan-sidhe later discards her names (both her true name and alias) and, as Lamies, continues to work on Power of Unrestaint that could recover lost things. Knowing that the spell would require a massive amount of Power of Existence that would certainly draw every Flame Haze against her, Lamies chooses a tougher way: harvesting Power of Existence from dying Torches, even if it requires hundreds of years to accumulate the sufficient amount.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit





  • Donato is probably named after Donato Bramante, an Italian architect and painter who lived during Renaissance period. He also was born under the jurisdiction of the Duchy of Urbino.




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