Doog (ドゥーグ Dūgu?) is a member of an organization called Révolution. He followed Sarachael to Hawaii where they planned to reveal the Crimson Realm and their race's existence to humans. His true name is "Howling Dogs' Chief" (吠狗首 Haikōshu?).


Doog takes the form of bipedal black dog with perfectly circular-shaped eyes.


He has poor memory, always writing in his notebook by using cipher Sarachael taught him. He is one of the kinder Denizens and treats his fellow Revolutionaries, be they humans, Denizens or Flame Haze, with the same amount of respect. His deepest reverence is reserved for Sarachael, who taught him many things.




Doog was seen feeling the Faint Heaven Quake.[1]

Doog Tentei cameo

Doog among the Denizens flying up to the Heaven Stairs

Doog was among the group of Denizens who flew up to the Heaven Stairs to enter Xanadu after watching Ribesal and Pirsoyn, the first ones to cross over to Xanadu.[2]



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Trash (金切り声(トラッシュ) Kanekiri Koe(Torasshu)?, Metal-splitting Voice): Doog's Rinne create Trash, the fatal waves of sound from their destruction which could make enemies confused and lose sense of hearing for a while. With Sarachael's support through his power, Enchant, the rate of Trash becomes powerful enough to break down and tear at the enemies' eardrums and lungs.


Moddey (黒妖犬(モデイ) Kokuyōken (Modei)?, lit. Black Bewitching Dog): Doog can create and control Rinne in the shape of beasts cloaked in animal's fur and a dog's mask called Moddey.




  • Doog makes a brief appearance in Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 13, sensing the quake from the Snake of the Festival's return. He makes another cameo in episode 23, entering Xanadu along with the other Denizens.
  • Doog and his Rinne are named after a black dog from Manx folklore called the moddey dhoo, also spelled "mauthe doog".




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