Dorel Kubelík (ドレル・クーベリック Doreru Kūberikku?) is a veteran Flame Haze who holds the title "Performer of Depressing Dreams" (愁夢の吹き手 Shūmu no Fukite?) and was one of the revolutionary leaders of Outlaw. He is contracted to a female Crimson Lord named Halphas with a walking stick as a Vessel.






It is said that Dorel was contracted to Halphas 200 years prior the main timeline. He is of Czech descent.


Dorel was killed by Sydonay, who have destroyed the European major Outlaw branch known as "the Dorel Party".



Dorel and Halphas have a relationship resembling that of a grandfather and granddaugther.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

His powers were used mainly to create illusions and he is said to be non-combatant. This was demonstrated during his battle with Sydonay when he created multiple replicas of himself, but this was not effective against Bal Masqué's General.

Though as a combatant he was limited, even pitiful amongst the generally combat-worthy Flame Haze, Kubelik's true value lie his exceptional abilities as a leader, administrator and organizer. Under his leadership, Outlaw became a highly effective apparatus supporting Flame Haze activities. When Sydonay killed him, Outlaw literally died with him; the organization immediately went into a state of chaos and remained paralysed ever since.




  • His name, Dorel, maybe taken from Dorel Handman, a French Pianist of Romanian descent.
  • His surname is a homage to the Kubelík families which consists of Jan Kubelík, a Czech violinist and composer, and Rafael Kubelík, a Czech composer and conductor.
  • Dorel is referred by Margery Daw as "Von Kubelík", hinting his nobility before becoming a Flame Haze.
  • The author matches Dorel's appearance with Dorel Handman's: eagle nose and walking with a stick.
  • Dorel appears in Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 17. He has no dialogue; only a groan was heard during Sydonay's coming attack. It was later revealed in the DVD's audio commentary that Takayuki Kondou, Eita Tanaka's voice actor, did the sound.





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