Dragon Tail
Name in Japanese竜尾
Rōmaji TranslationRyūbi
Appears InAnime, Light Novels
InventorsSnake of the Festival, Dantalion
Known UsersYuji Sakai
Technical Details

Dragon Tail (竜尾 Ryūbi?) is an Unrestricted Spell created by Dantalion that was given to Yuji Sakai when he merges with the Snake of the Festival. It allows him to manipulate his hair to be used offensively and defensively, allows him to manipulate the size of his hair, and allows him to make it as long as he wishes it to be. It is strong enough to tear a tall building in half or block Shana's flame blast.


Dragon Tail is used many times by Yuji before and during the Second Great War. It is also used by him to 'jump' by hitting it on the ground. Later, it is revealed in the novel that Yuji is unable to use it after Dantalion is killed in the explosion. This incident causes Yuji's long hair to be cut by Shana and to become the length of his hair before he contracted with the Snake of the Festival.




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