Flame Bullet
Vine attack girl Tenmoku Ikko
Name in Japanese炎弾
Rōmaji TranslationEndan
Appears InAnime, Light Novels
Known UsersVarious
Technical Details

Endan (炎弾?, Flame Bullet) is the rudimentary Unrestricted Spell used by various Crimson Denizens and Flame Haze. As Power of Existence has no thermal energy, it cannot burn anything, but when the user of Endan creates an image of an object's destruction, it will be burnt by the heat created by the user's Power of Existence, as well as creating a physical flame.

Typically, Endan is in the form of a bullet or ball, which is shot out of the user's body, their hands for example, with it expressing the same color as the user's Flame. Normally, Endan explodes after coming in contact with something, but depending on the user's skill, they can choose when Endan will explode and can alter its shape.


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