Fist of Aten (アテンの拳 Aten no Kobushi?) is "Mobilizer of Ceremonial Equipment" Khamsin Nbh'w's Unrestricted Spell. It is essentially a rocket punch from a hand that has been detached from Rubble Giant. The hand ejects flames from its end, allowing it to fly.

When the detached hand hits the target, it causes a big explosion because of its mass and velocity. The hand has enough power to severely crush the top of Seireiden's Crypta from within.

Though Rubble Giant loses an arm after using the Fist of Aten, Khamsin can use Qadesh's Blood Seal to repair it if there is enough material in the surrounding area.


  • In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Aten is the disk of the sun and originally an aspect of Ra.
  • It doesn't appear in the first season of the anime but appears in the third.


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