Gavida (ガヴィダ Gavida?) is a Crimson Lord whose true name is "Soaring Tower of Quintessence" (髄の楼閣 Zui no Rōkaku?). He was active in the Great War and falls at the hands of Chernobog.


He appears as an empty plate armor and red plumes on the helmet. He is also noted for having six arms.


Gavida seems somewhat self-conscious of his own actions, remarking on one occasion that "I hate to admit it but, I do have a loose tongue." after inadvertently revealing information when he did not intend to.

He also seems to be fond of crafting things, during the time he lived in Tendōkyū he spent a lot of his time creating stone statues.


In the past, Gavida was a powerful fighter who uses the Treasure Tool King Briton to battle enemies; Flame Haze and even his fellow Denizens. He also cooperated with Bal Masqué once, but as a result of an uproar with certain eccentric man, he broke with them.

For a long time, he's interested in human and their arts and crafts skill and began to love them instead of looking down on them (as others do). To be able to talk and work with humans without consuming them, Gavida created one of the most special Treasure Tool, Caina. It allows Crimson Denizens to manifest themselves for an indefinite period of time without Power of Existence manipulation in exchange for staying in the Treasure Tool for the whole time. He is also the creator two of the most massive Treasure Tools; Tendōkyū and Seireiden.


Before the decisive battle of the Great War, he was contacted by two Flame Haze, Mathilde Saint-Omer and Wilhelmina Carmel. After hearing about details on the "Grand Scheme" Asiz desired to fulfill for the first time, Gavida agreed to support them in the plan to invade Töten Glocke's main fortress with Tendōkyū and its power, Crypta. He passed the messages from his human friend, Donato, to Mathilde to pass them to the girl who was locked inside a certain Treasure Tool in exchange for his help. The two agreed with his request and all of them advanced into the battle.

With Crypta, they managed to pass through Jarri's power that patrols the sky but was detected by him not long before entering the fortress. Tendōkyū got attacked by both Merihim's "Rainbow's Heaven Sword" and Illuyanka's "Wall of Miasmal Screen" which deflect them to crash on land.

After Mathilde's group went fighting the the "Pair of Wings", Gavida stayed on Caina and waiting for a possible intruder. Then, he met one of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, assassin head, Chernobog, who entered Tendōkyū to find other invaders but surprised to find only Gavida residing on the Caina. He insulted her master about Asiz's mad desire after he who once functioned as one of the most renowned Flame Haze lost his contractor and now urges to fulfill his former contractor and lover's last words. Chernobog was in rage and furiously attacked him. Gavida, even though he once was a powerful hammer user, lost to her special ability and agility.

He lived long enough to see Molech's Labyrinthos collapse and mocked Chernobog about her fellow's death, she crushed his head and left out of Tendōkyū. As his death was near, he recollected his memories about his friend and Donato and humorously complained Donato for making him falling into this kind of situation. He murmured about going to meet him in the next life (a belief he heard from humans and came to like it) and perished.



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  • Gavida is the anglicization of Gaiblín, which itself may be a folk derivative of Goibniu, the smith of the Tuatha Dé Danann. He is one of Brigid's children along with Luchtaine, the carpenter and Creidné, the goldsmith.
  • Charles Campbell, Gavida's FUNimation English voice actor, also does the voices of CenterHill, Louie, Ose and Quetzalcóatl.





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