Name in Japanese ジョージ
Rōmaji Translation Jōji
Appears in Light Novels
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class Flame Haze
Title "Unsheather of Bursting Speed"
Contracted to Lug
Contractor's True Name"Long Handled Arm"
Affiliation/s Outlaw (Hawaii branch)
Color of Flame Fox-colored
Status Deceased

George (ジョージ Jōji?) is one of the Flame Haze, along with Ferde and Irving, who are stationed at the Hawaii Outlaw branch before the attack of Révolution's group during late 19th century.




He is very proud of his sword.




With Harry Smith's cooperation as a spy, the Outlaw is destroyed by the Crimson Denizens. George, angry at Harry's betrayal, kills him and is about to kill Harry's sister as well. He is then stopped and killed by Claude Taylor.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit





  • His name is a homage to an American composer and pianist, George Gershwin.[1]
  • Gershwin is also known for his collaboration with many famous musicians including Irving Berlin, whom Gershwin admires and works with when he was young, and Ferde Grofé, who orchestrated his "Rhapsody in Blue"[2]. Irving and Ferde are also the names of Flame Haze and George's acquaintances in the series .



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