Name in Japaneseヒラルダ
Rōmaji TranslationHiraruda
Appears InAnime, Light Novels
Known UsersPheles, Kazumi Yoshida
Technical Details

Giralda (ヒラルダ Hiraruda?) is a Treasure Tool in the form of a cross pendant. Previously owned by the Crimson Lord "Colorful Flutter" Pheles and now held by Kazumi Yoshida, its ability is to summon Pheles to the exact location the keeper invokes the effect.


It allows humans to use Power of Unrestraint by focusing their mind on the inevitability of their death (the lie being that they will cease to exist if they invoke its power). However, due to the great physical drain that comes to humans with its use, a person with a weak constitution would still die of exhaustion, which was what happened to the previous user of the Giralda, the wife of Flame Haze Claude Taylor. Kazumi uses its power to summon Pheles at a critical moment, and learns that using it would not actually kill her.


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