Gogmagog profile
Name in Japanese ゴグマゴーグ
Rōmaji Translation Gogumagogu
Debut (Manga) Eternal Song Chapter 01
Appears in Manga
Personal Info
Gender Male[1]
Class Crimson Lord
True Name"Melodic Pedestal"
Affiliation/s Minack
Color of Flame Blackish brown
Status Deceased

Gogmagog (ゴグマゴーグ Gogumagogu?) is a Crimson Lord who rules over the mighty army known as the Minack. He participates in the game known as the Sovereign's Game (君主の遊戯 Kunshu no Yūgi?), which many other Crimson Denizen organizations also participate in. Prior to the Great War, fearing that he might lend a helping hand Töten Glocke, two Flame Haze are sent to infiltrate and destroy Minack. In the end, he and his army are ultimately defeated by Mathilde Saint-Omer and Wilhelmina Carmel. His true name is "Melodic Pedestal" (盤曲の台 Bankyoku no Dai?).


Gogmagog body

Gogmagog's real body

Gogmagog takes form of a woman-shaped puppet in long dress. This puppet is where his mind resides in; but the main body is the stone giant with its flat head resembling the stage. The damage on the giant also affects on the puppet's body.


Gogmagog is a ruthless leader who commands his subordinates and soldiers with fear, to the degree that he orders execution if one of them retreats from enemies. He is also arrogant and proud of his mighty army that he rejects the support from Bal Masqué when the two Flame Haze attack his fortress which ultimately leads to his destruction.




Minack participates in the Sovereign's Game as one of the players. During beginning of 16th century, Gogmagog is contacted by Stolas to join force with Bal Masqué before the decisive battle of Great War occurs. He agrees to assist but requests his reward in Sovereign's Game which Bel Peol, who knows he would ask for this, promises to give when they finally defeat the Flame Haze Army.

Suddenly, they are attacked by two assassins sent to destroy them before joining force with each other. Stolas offers the support from his organization but Gogmagog rejects and tells him to sit and watch. Mathilde and Wilhelmina clear their way to the fortress where Gogmagog waits to crush them with his real body. After fierce battle, he is finally killed by Mathilde with the aid of Wilhelmina.



Power and AbilitiesEdit

Gogmagog is specialized in creating illusions. When enemies are confused by his power, he will use his real body's fist to crush them. The real body is strong and strangely fast at moving.






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