Gordian Knot
Gordian Knot
Debut (Anime)Shakugan no Shana Episode 14
Known UsersVine, Bifrons, Sabrac, Zarovee (Light Novels)
Technical Details

Gordian Knot (非常手段(ゴルディアン・ノット) Hijō Shudan (Gorudian Notto)?, lit. Emergency Measure) are a set of "artificially-made" Treasure Tools crafted by "Seeking Researcher" Dantalion for Bel Peol who gives them to her subordinates. They are made from the material called "Demigold". Each Gordian Knot contains a certain Unrestricted Method which is triggered when the person wielding it dies (thus igniting the 'fuse' inside). Noted effects of Gordian Knots are: transportation (originally possessed by Bifrons; later used by Sabrac) and energy outburst (activated at Vine's death), resulting in the destruction of the Tendōkyū.


The Gordian Knot as used by Vine took the shape of a golden key that he wore around his neck.




  • The name of this Treasure Tool is a reference to the Gordian Knot legend associated with Alexander the Great.



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