The Grand Order (大命 Taimei?) is an ideal of the Snake of the Festival of creating a paradise or heaven for Crimson Denizens and is the ultimate ambition of the Bal Masqué. Until the Snake of the Festival's declaration to the opposing forces of the Second Great War, the existence of the Grand Order was only slightly known, even Bal Masqué was not fully aware of it. Before even being informed of it, Bal Masqué's members sought to carry out the ideal without fully understanding it.


  • First Stage (第一段階 Dai-ichi Dankai?): Create a body for the Snake of the Festival using the Tyrant.
  • Second Stage (第二段階 Dai-ni Dankai?): Bring back the real body of the Snake of the Festival to this world from the Eternal Pitfall.
  • Final Stage (最終段階 Saishū Dankai?): Create the new world, Xanadu, inside the Abyss and transport all Crimson Denizens there.

The Grand Order was to be accomplished in Misaki City.

Through the creation of Xanadu, the humans of this world will no longer be devoured by Denizens and the Flame Haze are freed from their fate of fighting until they die. However, even in the new world, there is a risk of distortions will occur if the Denizens exhibit wild behavior, which will cause the final result of the "Great Calamity" (大災厄 Dai-saiyaku?), though this may happen all on its own.

Nevertheless, at the decisive battle of Misaki City, Shana and the other Flame Haze modified the Psalm of the Grand Order with the rule "Humans can't be eaten" (人を喰らえない Hito o kurae nai?) and added it on to the World Egg of the New World. The Snake of the Festival and his fellow Denizens accepted this change and the Grand Order was completed with the creation of Xanadu with this new rule.

Incidentally, the Snake of the Festival's body was to be Tyrant II, which incorporated parts of Tyrant I, but in fact, upon the Crimson God's intentions, the Mystes, Yūji Sakai's body was used instead.



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