The Great Binding Chain (大縛鎖 Daibakusa?) was a city that the "God of Creation" Snake of the Festival had tried to create about 3000 years ago. It was to be composed of 129 castle towns and four plains. The Flame Haze were told to believe that the creation of the Great Binding Chain was an act that the Snake of the Festival made in order to fuel his interests of destroying them all in one shot.

The Treasure Tool, Crystal Altar had been created in order to monitor the Great Binding Chain.


As a result of the Snake of the Festival trying to create the Great Binding Chain, he was expelled to the Abyss. Though details of its location and scale is unknown, the traces of distortion in the Abyss left from his attempt where Divine Gate was later built, the Crystal Altar which takes form of Bronze Mirror and the Crimson God and the Trinity's old names, would suggest that the Great Binding Chain was to be made in Ancient China.

The Snake of the Festival aimed to create the Great Binding Chain to be, in accordance to the wishes of the Crimson Denizens, a "pleasant world with no one else but their own" (自分たちの他に誰もいない快適な世界 Jibun-tachi no hoka ni daremoinai kaitekina sekai?).


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