Guilunhui (傀輪会 Kairin-kai?, "Grand Secret Society") is the secret society that oversees Outlaws in Eastern Asia with its headquarters located in Shanghai. The society's emblem is a red circular dragon (團龍?, Pinyin: Tuánlóng). Unlike the Dorel Party, which has Flame Haze as its core members, the Guilunhui is led by humans; the chosen group of humans who take control of the society are called Elders (大老 Tairō?). The main force of Guilunhui is Chinese Flame Haze who, after the battle at the Shanghai Headquarter, has been in the state of chaos. All Flame Haze of Guilunhui follow the strict codes created by human members; they always use weapon-shaped Vessel and dress in suits with sashes of the color of their contracted Crimson Lords' flame.

Known MembersEdit

Below is the list of all known members of Guilunhui. Interestingly, all the surname of these characters are taken from real people who lived during the Chu-Han contention.

  • Xiang Xin (Human/Deceased) an allusion to Xiang Yu, the Hegemon-King of Western Chu.
  • Yu Xuan (Flame Haze/Deceased) an allusion to Consort Yu or Yu Miaoyi, the concubine of Xiang Yi.
  • Fan Xun (Flame Haze/Deceased) an allusion to Fan Zeng, the military and politic advisor of Xiang Yu.
  • Ji Chong (Flame Haze/Deceased) an allusion to Ji Bu, the general who serves under Xiang Yu.
  • Liu Yang (Flame Haze/Deceased) an allusion to Liu Bang, the king of Han who later defeats Xiang Yu and ascend to be the first emperor and founder of Han Dynasty.
  • Dong Ming (Human/Alive) an allusion to Dong Yi, the general who once serve Qin Dynasty before its fall. He later surrenders to Xiang Yu and join him.


  • The first character, Gui ( Japanese : Kai?), has many meanings such as "gigantic" and "puppet". Also, the character is composed of two radicals: "human" ( hito?) and demon/monster ( oni?) which may be a reference to a Flame Haze's powers and abilities which are above those of an ordinary human's; thus they are the "monsters in human shape".
  • Guilunhui was modeled after a real organization that was devoted to the mission of "Overthrowing Qing and restoring Ming".


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