Harry Smith
Harry Smith
Name in Japanese ハリー・スミス
Rōmaji Translation Harī Sumisu
Debut (Light Novel) Volume XV
Personal Info
Relatives Harriet Smith (younger sister)
Thomasina Smith (mother)
Smith (father)
Class Human
Affiliation/s Révolution
Status Deceased

Harry Smith (ハリー・スミス Harī Sumisu?) is a human member of Révolution.




Harry's parents were human members of Outlaw on the western coast of America.

When Harry was a child, a certain Flame Haze who was on a friendly footing with the Smiths died in Civil War. His father made a contract and became a Flame Haze for revenge. Harry's mother, Thomasina Smith, was tormented on the inside because she had no memory of her husband.

The Smiths moved to Hawaii's Outlaw on their friend's recommendation. But one day, Thomasina was devoured by a Crimson Denizen.

Because Harry had been deeply involved in "The Truth of This World" (この世の本当のこと Kono Yo no Hontō no Koto?), he didn't lose his mother's memory at that time; unlike when his father made the contract. However, Harry was shocked to realize that his younger sister, Harriet Smith, had forgotten their mother. Escaping from a cruel everyday life, he was transferred to America after the Civil War. Before long, he learned about the existence of Révolution and their doctrine for a "clear relationship" between humans and Crimson Denizens.

In 1893, Harry got in touch with Sarachael for the first time.


In 1895, he helped Révolution destroy the Honolulu Outlaw, and was killed by George.



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