Harumi Fujita
Harumifujita profile
Name in Japanese 藤田晴美
Rōmaji Translation Fujita Harumi
Debut (Anime) Shakugan no Shana SP (OVA)
Shakugan no Shana Second Episode 01
Debut (Light Novel) Volume VIII
Appears in Anime, Light Novels
Voice Actor (Japanese) Nozomi Masu
Voice Actor (English) Lalainia Lindbjerg (Geneon)
Alexis Tipton (FUNimation)
Personal Info
Gender Female
Class Human
Affiliation/s Misaki Municipal High School (student)
Status Active

Harumi Fujita (藤田晴美 Fujita Harumi?) is Yuji's classmate and a good friend of Kimiko Nakamura.


She has a brown hair with blue eyes and wears a pair of spectacles.


Harumi is a very cheerful and active girl. She also appears to have a lot of energy since she never seems to get tired at all.


She is usually seen mingling with fellow classmates, especially Kimiko Nakamura.




Ike HayatoEdit

Fujita pops up at various moments during the preparation for the School Festival to drag Ike this way and that. She appears not to notice as his energy slowly, but continually declines. After the Costume Parade, Ike faints due to exhaustion. It is most likely Fujita's fault.




  • Harumi has the same Geneon English voice actress as Chigusa Sakai.
  • Alexis Tipton, Harumi's FUNimation english voice actor, also does the voice of Grogach.






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