Hope (ホープ Hōpu?) is a short story from volume SIII of the Shakugan no Shana light novel series. It was released together with Future. Both stories provide an epilogue to the Shakugan no Shana series. This story is split into three parts, each about a major character who left Earth for Xanadu. The second track of Shakugan no Shana F Superiority Shana III Vol. III was adapted from this story.


  • Chapter 1: Wilhelmina Carmel, The Manipulator of Objects
  • Chapter 2: Yūji Sakai, The World-Converting Ascetic
  • Chapter 3: Shana, Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter


1. Wilhelmina Carmel, The Manipulator of ObjectsEdit

One year after Xanadu is created, on Tendōkyū, Wilhelmina and Rebecca are taking care of the child Justus who starts to be able to weave an Unrestricted Spell before he could master walking. They are then visited by Shana who is staying by Yuji's side on his eternal quest for teaching the way for both races to coexist, though Yuji is forbidden to come to Outlaw and Tendōkyū (rooting from Wilhelmina's grudge on him for attacking Justus during the last battle). Yuji becomes known with the sarcastic title received from other people and Denizens, the "World-Converting Ascetic" (廻世の行者 Kaisei no Gyouja?). They talk about how the Outlaw is reorganized without Sophie, Samuel and others here; Sale, Chiara and the Four Gods are taking care of this problem with the help of former Flame Haze contracted Crimson Lords: Behemoth, Halphas and Zirnitra who came directly to Xanadu (since the world is filled with unlimited Power of Existence). Shana becomes like a sister for Justus.

2. Yūji Sakai, The World-Converting AsceticEdit

Somewhere in Japan, Yuji is escorted by Pirsoyn to a restaurant. He meets Ribesal in his human form which resembles a big robust man with beads around his neck. He talks to Yuji about his quest and approaches him to side with Bal Masqué again. Yuji declines this and is then scolded by Ribesal for involving Bal Masqué's members in his former battle with the newly created organization called "Brothers of the Maccabee" (マカベアの兄弟 Makabea no Kyōdai?); the organization bends the oracle of Shaher to falsely preach Denizens to massacre people as they pleased. Yuji apologizes to Ribesal and Bal Masqué for involving their comrades and asks if Bel Peol is fine. After finishing their food, Ribesal tells him to take a good care of the princess (Shana) to which Yuji reacted with sudden surprise. He then asks the Crimson Lord how to become strong quicker.

3. Shana, Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed HunterEdit

The chapter involves the battle between the "Brothers of the Maccabee"s Princes (seems to be the title for leaders) and Shana/Yuji. They disguise themselves and infiltrate into the killing area organized by the two Princes, "Subterranean Lurker" Dainn (“潜逵の衝鋒” ダーイン "Senki no Shōhō" Dāin?) and "Devastating Frenzy Hammer" Charun (“紊鎚毀” カルン "Bintsuiki" Karun?). Shana and Yuji manage to finish the two off and instruct the other members to kill no more. Later, Shana and Alastor compliment Yuji for his improvement. When they are going to leave the area, the sound or melody of something is heard coming with the wind. They then depart, holding hands.







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