Huwawa profile
Name in Japanese フワワ
Rōmaji Translation Fuwawa
Debut (Light Novel) Volume X
Debut (Manga) Eternal Song Chapter 04
Appears in Manga, Light Novels
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class Crimson Lord
True Name"Barbaric Lord"
Affiliation/s Töten Glocke
Color of Flame Olive brown
Status Deceased

Huwawa (フワワ Fuwawa?) is one of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, the nine great Crimson Lords gathered under the name of Töten Glocke, the organization led by "Weaver of Coffins" Asiz.


Huwawa appears as a giant wolf with his mouth extended down to the torso.


Although a fierce beast who seeks only war, he is not a boastful one. He doesn't care about power or reputation as long as he can rampage as he likes.


Huwawa is the fifth to join the Nine Eternal Divine Scales after Illuyanka, Jarri, Ullikummi and Molech respectively.


He, along with his fellow Töten Glocke members, confronts the Flame Haze Army while Asiz prepares the City Devourer at the town of Osterode to achieve a mass of Power of Existence. After Asiz succeeds in getting the power in his possession, he shares it with the Nine Eternal Divine Scales so they could use it against their enemies. The Flame Haze Army is defeated in short period of time and while Huwawa pursues them for complete annihilation. However, he meets a certain Flame Haze and is killed by her. He becomes the first member of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales to perish in the Great War.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • (To Asiz when joining him): "So I can have a fight, can't I?"[1]


  • Huwawa is a god in Akkadian mythology.[2]





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