Improvisational Poem of Slaughter
Name in Japanese屠殺の即興詩
堵殺の即興詩 (anime)
Rōmaji TranslationTosatsu no Sokkyōshi
Appears InLight Novels, Anime, Manga
Known UsersMargery Daw
Technical Details

Improvisational Poem of Slaughter (屠殺の即興詩 Tosatsu no Sokkyōshi?) is an incantation method in which the Flame Haze Margery Daw and her contracted Crimson Lord Marchosias use impromptu rhymed poems to unleash their spells.

In the anime, the spell's name is censored to Improvisational Poem of Enclosed Killing (堵殺の即興詩 Tosatsu no Sokkyōshi?) in order to not violate the television broadcasting code.


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