The Iron Giants (鉄巨人 Tekkyojin?) are a series of giant robots created by "Seeking Researcher" Dantalion. Their fists are equipped with the mechanism called Kiken no Kentō.

Dantalion later upgrades some of them with his mechanism, Kisan no Taiken.


These robots were deployed by Dantalion in great numbers during the defense of the Star of Darkness Castle against the Flame Haze in the events leading up to the creation of Xanadu.

Unfortunately, the Seeking Researcher's own brilliance is used against him after he attempts to use one of them to kill Seere Habichtsburg with the mechanism Kisan no Taiken, as Seere launches the robot at the control room Dantalion, and Domino are in just before it explodes, while their means of escape was disabled by Para leading to the demise of the Seeking Researcher, and his Rinne.


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