Jarri (ジャリ Jari?) is one of the Nine Eternal Divine Scales and an egg-shaped Crimson Lord belonging the organization Töten Glocke. His main role in their organization is to gather information.


Jarri is a floating human-sized egg with three faces attached: the face of an elderly Japanese man, an oni demon mask, and a female kabuki mask.


Among the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, Jarri is considered an important but curious fellow. He has a poetic and roundabout way of speaking. Jarri also speaks through the three masks with different voices.


He is one of the many Denizens who was impressed by Asiz's devotion to his love. He is the second to join the Nine Eternal Divine Scales, after Illuyanka.


The Great WarEdit

He is used as a sacrifice by Mathilde Saint-Omer to summon Alastor.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Unrestricted SpellsEdit

Sabaeru Kaze (五月蠅る風 Clamorous Wind?): A scouting and offensive Unrestricted Spell that also acts as a powerful aerial defense. Jarri can summon swarms of flies that can act as scouts and information gatherers. The swarm can also project images to Jarri by assembling themselves into different images. It is a powerful aerial defense as the flies guard the base of Töten Glocke above. No attacks from the sky can penetrate this defense, with exception of those of Karl Berwald and Sophie Sawallisch. Anyone who approaches them from above will be burned down by the swarm by exploding their bodies.


  • (To Asiz when joining him): "What are you craving for" "You want me to submit?" "Such an insolent one"[1]


  • Jarri is a god of plague and pestilence in the Hittite mythology, also known by the title "Lord of the Bow".[2]
  • Jarri's dialogues are taken from three works of Latin literature: Gedichte by Walther von der Vogelweide, and Ecbasis Captivi and Ruodlieb by unknown poets.





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