Jewel Gang (宝石の一味 Houseki no Ichimi?) is a small group of Crimson Denizens first mentioned in Volume 12. They are burglars who steal precious objects from others. However, they are more concerned with how to get such objects, rather than the objects' worth. It is not revealed yet whether they are still functioning or not.


They never make an actual appearance until Volume SIII, in which their leader is presented during the American Civil War.

Before the creation of the Reiji Maigo, Pheles and Johann broke into their territory and stole a book that contained information about the Mystes known as "The User of Grotesque Chakram" for Johann's research. He later concludes his research on the Mystes and decides to create the Reiji Maigo with Pheles in order to be with her forever.


The leader of the group is a Crimson Lord known as "Myriad Leaves of Bejeweled Tree" (“瓊樹の万葉” Keiju no Manyō?) Coyote. In total, the group consists of four members, all of them are Crimson Lords; some of them are said to be megalomaniacs and fanatics. Their purposes and objectives are decided by majority votes inside the group.

Known MembersEdit

  • "Myriad Leaves of Bejeweled Tree" Coyote (leader)
  • "Sniping Thunderclap" Fuchs
  • "Peerless Decisive Slash" Thonsáy
  • "Coveter of Magnificence" Inanna (the only female member)


  • The name of the organization is only mentioned once in the novel.
  • The members of the Jewel Gang all appear to be named after mythical tricksters, as well as animals associated with tricksters in folklore.
    • Coyote - a trickster figure who features in many Native American myths.
    • Fuchs - the German word for fox. One of the most popular trickster foxes is Reynard the Fox, who appears in French, Dutch, English and German folklore.
    • Thonsáy - the Khmer word for rabbit, an animal that plays a trickster role in Cambodian folklore. There are also depictions of rabbits being tricksters in many folktales throughout the Americas and Africa.
    • Inanna - the Sumerian goddess of sexual love, fertility and war. She is a counterpart of the Akkadian goddess Ishtar and sometimes the Semitic goddess Astarte. She once tricked her fellow god, Enki, by getting him drunk to give her a tablet of god concerning the destiny of humans. The god then sent a monster to retrieve it back from her.
  • All member's true names are also a homage to the four main characters of Lupin III series; Coyote is the counterpart of Arsène Lupin III, as Fuchs is to Daisuke Jigen, Thonsáy is to Goemon Ishikawa XIII and Inanna is to Fujiko Mine.


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