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Ji Chong
Name in Japanese 季重
Rōmaji Translation Kichō
Appears in Light Novels
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class Flame Haze
Title "Mighty Punisher"
Contracted to Qiong Qi
Contractor's True Name"Exceedingly Piercing Halberd"
Affiliation/s Outlaw
Color of Flame Turmeric-colored
Status Deceased

Ji Chong (季重 Kichō?, Pinyin: Jì Chóng) is a Chinese Flame Haze member of Shanghai Outlaw headquarter known as the Guilunhui. His title is "Mighty Punisher" (強毅の処し手 Kyōki no Shoshite?).




During the infiltration of Bal Masqué's Jaegers in Central Asia two years ago, he was in charge of sending Flame Haze to search for them; the said Flame Haze include Dede and Liu Yang.


He is killed in the battle with Bal Masqué at the Shanghai Outlaw headquarters.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit





  • His contracted Crimson Lord's Vessel name, Jian Mu, is a reference to the mythical large, branchless tree planted by Yellow Emperor himself. The tree was used as the sky ladder for deities travelling between heaven and earth. 




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