Junko's father
Junko's father
Name in Japanese 準子の父
Rōmaji Translation Junko no Chichi
Debut (Anime) Shakugan no Shana S Episode 03
Debut (Light Novel) Volume 0
Appears in Light Novels, OVA series
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yōji Ueda
Voice Actor (English) Kenny Green (FUNimation)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Class Human

Junko's father (準子の父 Junko no Chichi?) lives with his wife and their daughter Junko.


Junko's father has short brown hair. He wears glasses and has a light complexion. He wears a suit during work and wears casual clothes at home.


Junko's father is more laid-back than his wife, acknowledging that she over-reacted when seeing Junko with Yukio Hamaguchi.



Note: Events occurring in Overture take place before the events of the main series.


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