"I know... Next time, I'll take Hamaguchi-kun..."
— Junko to herself about the view of the city.

Junko Ōgami (大上準子 Ōgami Junko?) is a second year high school student living in the hilly regions of Yosegi City. After an encounter with a Crimson Denizen which consumed her, she lives the last moments of her life as a Torch before having her existence "borrowed" by the Flame Haze of Nietono no Shana.


Junko has a fair complexion with brown hair and eyes. She has the middle of her fringe tied back.


Junko's mother mentions that Junko is scared and hides in her sheets when she feels fear. Otherwise, she is usually very nice and friendly. She doesn't like it when people insult Yukio, having an argument with her own mother about him. Junko has a habit of buying strawberry shortcakes every Thursday in a pastry shop called "La Lucas".


Junko angry mother

Junko angry at her mother

According to her friend, Junko has been in love with Yukio for a while. She was beginning to think that the love was unrequited when one afternoon, Junko is asked out by Yukio and says yes. They hang out the next day at school. Yukio asks her to go to Jōshi Park with him, which she also says yes to. They then talk about the bracelet he bought her. Three days before meeting the Flame Haze of the "Nietono no Shana", they go to Jōshi Park. At the park, they spend the rest of the day enjoying ice cream and looking around. As the afternoon turns to night, Yukio gets Junko's permission to take her to Jōshi Park regularly. Then, Yukio promises Junko that they will be together, and there, gives her a gentle kiss on the lips. This is seen by Junko's mother. At her house, she argues with her mother about Yukio, getting angry when she insults Yukio. She starts to run, but her mother grabs her hand, breaking the bracelet Yukio gave her. At night time she meets Yukio at the park but leaves for the restroom. Junko is then consumed by Ukobach. Junko is later seen as a Torch, staring blankly at the lake.[1][2]



Note: Events occurring in Overture take place before the events of the main series.

Junko seeing girl

Junko looking at the girl

In the afternoon, Junko leaves a pastry shop after purchasing something. She stops at some steps to look at the view of the city. She leaves, thinking that she would take Hamaguchi with her to look at the view again. All of a sudden, a girl appears in front of her. She asks who the girl is and the reply was the Flame Haze of the Nietono no Shana. The girl approaches Junko, making her feel scared. The girl tells her that she is a Torch, a replacement for a departed soul's remnants. The girl reaches to Junko's chest. Junko asks for her mother before she is turned into a blue flame by the girl.[1]

Junko appears before Yukio after he wakes up, bidding him farewell before disappearing. When he wakes up again, Junko's bracelet is left on his hand.[2]


Yukio HamaguchiEdit

Junko loves and cares a lot for Yukio. She is constantly thinking about him.


  • (To herself about the view of the city) "I know... Next time, I'll take Hamaguchi-kun..."[1]
  • (To Yukio when he wakes up): "Farewell."[2]






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