Name in Japanese ユストゥス
Rōmaji Translation Yusutusu
Debut (Anime) Shakugan no Shana Final Episode 24
Debut (Light Novel) Volume XXII
Appears in Light Novels, Anime
Voice Actor (English) Kara Edwards (FUNimation)
Personal Info
Gender Male
Relatives Pheles (mother)
Johann (father)
Class 1/2 Human-1/2 Crimson Denizen
Title "Heir to Both Worlds"
Status Active

Justus (ユストゥス Yusutusu?) is the child created from the combined existences of Pheles and Johann. He is taken care of by Wilhelmina Carmel at Xanadu. He is the first descendant born from a Crimson Denizen and a human, which gives him the title  "Heir to Both Worlds" (両界の嗣子 Ryōkai no Shishi?).


Justus looks like a newborn baby with short light-green hair and brown eyes.


Johann, who was sealed inside the Reiji Maigo after being mortally wounded, sensed the changes that resulted from the Psalm of the Grand Order being sent inside the Treasure Tool by Sabrac. Knowing that he could not live together with Pheles like before, he secretly thought of a plan to modify a portion of the Grand Order spells in order to live together with Pheles by becoming one single existence. This portion of the Grand Order was once taken and utilized by Asiz (through the work of a certain Crimson Lord) to create a child with his deceased Flame Haze, but the scheme was thwarted during the Great War by Alastor and Mathilde Saint-Omer.


After letting go of his precious Treasure Tool, thus and allowing Yūji Sakai to have it, Johann leaves after reuniting with Pheles through Hyakki Yakō's help. They entrust the flask that would become Justus (who was named by Johann) to Kazumi Yoshida, who takes care of it until its completion and gives the newborn Justus to Wilhelmina Carmel. The birth of the Heir to Both Worlds catches the attention of Rofocale, who performs a Divine Summoning that costs him his own life. This ceremony summons the Crimson God Shaher into this world. She announces the news of an extraordinary existence born from both worlds to everyone before disappearing.

Brought to Xanadu, Justus is mainly taken care of by Wilhelmina Carmel and Rebecca Reed within Tendōkyū. Shana occasionally visits and Justus views her like an older sister.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Justus has possessed talents with Power of Unrestraint since he was only a year old, and was commented to become a great spellcaster in the future like Johann.


  • From the Faust legend: Justus is the name of his child born by Helen of Troy, whom Mephistopheles conjured to persuade him to resume his pact with the devil.[1]
  • Justus has the same FUNimation English voice actor as Brigid.




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